Early Childhood Teacher – 4K

POSITION: Note: Candidates must be certified to teach a 4-K group of children. The Early Childhood Teacher at Bernie’s is a full time staff member who works seven hours per day with children and has 1 hour per day for position time. Of this time, ½ hour per day is for personal break time and ½ hour per day is for planning, communication with parents, contributing to center-wide projects and fulfilling on the key roles outlined below:

KEY ROLES (Essential Job Responsibilities):

    • Work as a team member to meet the social, physical, and emotional needs of children and the classroom environments at Bernie’s where we support cultural differences and varied family structures

    • Coordinate with fellow teachers to create, plan and evolve Bernie’s curriculum through engaging, play-based, weekly lesson plans emphasizing natural materials; adapting to moment-to-moment teaching opportunities as they arise

    • Practice positive child-guidance techniques

    • Assist with the orientation, training and evaluation of substitute teachers through any necessary collaborations with the Director

    • Support researchers and volunteers to understand and acclimate to the culture of classrooms at Bernie’s

    • Commit to contributions towards Bernie’s community through parent-teacher collaborative projects, discussions, work projects, fundraisers, and communications to our parent Board of Directors

    • Report holistic developmental progress of children with fellow teachers to parents through bi-annual reports and through parent-teacher conferences and informal daily check-ins

    • Maintain daily open and honest communication with parents and fellow teachers via personal interactions, emails, and daily report sheets

    • Attend in-service, staff meetings, and ongoing professional development opportunities to enrich Bernie’s understanding of best practices in early childhood education

    • Facilitate Transfer plans for children aging out classrooms in collaboration with fellow Bernie’s teachers and the Director as needed.

    • Identify and prioritize projects for staff/parent work days in accordance with program needs and goals

    • Meet all applicable licensing regulations


    • Must be certified to teach 4-K with MMSD
    • Must meet State of CT requirements as child care center worker
    • Must be CPR/First Aid Certified
    • Formal Education in Early Childhood Education Preferred
    • Ongoing professional development in the field of child development required
    • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
    • Demonstrate organizational abilities
    • Ability to build rapport with families and community members
    • Must meet physical requirements of the job including the ability to lift up to 50 pounds